How to list Parked Domains and Subdomains on your WHM Server?

In Today’s blog we are going to discuss remaining tools under ‘Account Information’ category of the WHM. In the last blog we saw How to view the list of accounts on your WHM server, today we will discuss about how to list Parked Domains and Subdomains on your WHM Server.

WHM has a page containing your list of all the Parked domains on your server, as well as one containing all the subdomains.

So let’s start!

Step 1 – First of all login to WHM.

Step 2 – You will be in WHM home interface.

Step 3 – Next go to ‘Account Information’.  You will see a new interface.

Step 4 – First we will check out list of Parked domains. As you can see I don’t have any Parked domains so the table is not showing any details. Here you will find a table listing all main domains that have any Parked domains, their usernames and the Parked domains themselves.

Step 5 – Click the Unpark link to remove a parked domain.

Step 6 – The parked domain has been removed from the server.

Step 7 – Now for the Subdomains list, it is similar as to the one for Parked domains. Click ‘List Subdomains’. A new interface will appear. Next to each domain, you can see a list of subdomains, as well as subdomains that are also addon domains.

You now know how to list all the Parked domains and subdomains on your server in WHM.

How to view the list of Suspended accounts in WHM

Now it is next tool in ‘Account Information’ category. Let’s discuss about it.

Step -1 First login to WHM. Here we are in the WHM Home Interface.

Step 2 – The select ‘Account Information’ and next select ‘list Suspended Accounts’. A new interface will appear, showing all the suspended accounts. It will show Domains, User, Owner, Date Suspended, Reason and Locked also there are two buttons: Unsuspend and Terminate.

Step 3 – If you click Unsuspend button then a new interface will appear showing message as ‘ Unsuspension of

If you again go back to ‘List suspended accounts’ category, you will not find that account which we have suspended right now.

Now you know how to view list of suspended accounts in WHM.

How to see a list of all the account’s over their disk quotas in WHM

Occasionally, some of your accounts will go over their disk quotas. WHM allows you to view a list of all accounts currently over their quotas.

Step 1 – First find ‘Account Information’ option in the WHM menu. Then click ‘Show accounts over Quota’. You can see number of accounts which are over its quota. As there is no quotas on the host node has been enabled you will not see details.

Step 2 – Note that by default, disk quotas are only checked every 15 minutes or so thus, the space used column here is probably not updated automatically on your system.

You can change an accounts quota using the field ‘Quota’ here. The value should be in the megabytes for ex: – 4096MB or you can use ‘Unlimited’. Finish by pressing ‘change’.

The user’s quota has been modified successfully. Let’s verify that the user is no longer above its quota.

Step 3 – Return to the same page.

Success! No users are over their quotas.

You now know how to list all account’s that have exceeded their disk quotas in WHM.

How to view bandwidth usage by account in WHM

WHM contains a useful tool that allows you to view a chart of bandwidth usage per account on a monthly basis.

Step 1 – Go to ‘Account Information’. Select ‘View Bandwidth Usage’. Here is the bandwidth usage page. This tool logs HTTP, FTP and e-mail traffic which accounts for almost all traffic that a normal account will use.

Note: – that sub domain that has not transferred any bandwidth track able by this system will not be shown. If any bandwidth was transferred on a Parked domain, that bandwidth will be included in the value shown for the domain on which the parked domain is parked.

Step 2 – Scroll down. As you see we are currently viewing bandwidth totals for the month of Jan 2019, this tool uses best fit units by default – whether that’s Gigabytes or Megabytes.

Step 3 – You can force it to use Megabytes using the button ‘Show units in Megabytes’. Click again to switch back.

Step 4 – You can use the last month and next month links to switch to the respective months. If you click last month button then that we are viewing last month’s bandwidth totals.

Step 5 – When an account reaches to 70% to 85% of its bandwidth limit, its row will be highlighted in yellow or red respectively as shown in the legend below.

Step 6 – If an account is s Reseller, clicking this black checkmark next to the ’username’ will send you to a bandwidth list just for all the accounts it owns.

Step 7 – If an account has any subdomains, parked domains or addon domains with any data transfer for this month, you will be able to view them by clicking a ‘+’ sign that appears as shown in the legend below.

Step 8 – You can change an accounts quota from here using these edit icons.

Step 9 – The last statistic on this page is the total bandwidth usage across all accounts shown down here.

That’s all. Now you know how to take a comprehensive look at your monthly bandwidth usage in WHM.

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