From the title of today’s article, you must have come to know that the topic of today’s article is Adobe Illustrator and its importance. So without wasting our time let’s first see what is an Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is used by artists, graphic designers to create scalable vector artwork using projects for both print and web. Artists use adobe illustrator for creating clean visual compositions that can be scaled infinitely without losing quality.

Creating a freehand drawing in illustrations, tracing and recoloring Scandinavian artwork and also creating wireframes from which you can create a digital painting. Designers use illustrator for creating logos, icons, and other complex shapes. They also set types for use in magazines, in business cards and creating website markups in graphics for users across multiple screens.

Illustrator is not just limited to artists and designers. Though many people use them in their projects and it allows them to create visually compelling and flexible artwork. Illustrator also integrates with other Adobe applications like in design for print, production and digital magazines. Photoshop produced with smart filters, Flash for web animations and games or adobe after effects and for producing title sequences and video animation. Whether you are an artist or graphic designer Abode illustrator offers you a flexible way to deploy user creative vision to virtually any screen.

Let’s see why illustrators are so good?

Adobe Illustrator is a great tool for graphic design. It is a program used by both artists and graphic designers to create vector images. It is often used for illustrations, cartoons, programs and charts, logos etc. Unlike mapped images that store information, the illustrator uses the mathematical information to draw shapes. This makes graphics scalable without the loss of resolution. So an adobe illustrator is a great tool for graphic designs.

Let’s see Why do people use Adobe Illustrator?

Bitmaps rely on a series of square blocks called pixels arranged in a grid. The quality of the images depends on the number of pixels per square inch. The more pixels, the better the quality. Vectors are based on mathematical formulas and can be scaled infinitely without any loss in quality. Every size and shape has a value that changes when the image expands.

Bitmap graphics can be edited by erasing or changing the colors of individual pixels using programs like Adobe Photoshop. Unlike bitmaps, vector images are not based on pixel patterns, but instead of that, they use mathematical formulas for drawing lines and curves that can be combined for creating images which can be geometric shapes such as circles and polygons. Vector images are edited by manipulating the lines and curves that will make up using programs like Adobe illustrators.

Vector images are also more scalable than Bitmap. When Bitmap images are scaled out you begin to see the individual pixels that make up the image. You can notice them at the edge of the image. There are ways of making these images less noticeable. When the vector images are scaled out the images are redrawn using the mathematical formula and equations resulting into a smooth image. This is one reason why a vector should be used for logo designing. They can also be used for web-based graphics as print-based graphics.

However, vector format is not well supported in a web. The most popular formats used in the web are different. As mentioned in the previous sections a vector form allows a crisp and clean design which retains quality and scale. This is why adobe illustrators are so important for designing logos.

When your business comes to redesigning the logo and brand identity, they will probably use the logo on a small area such as letterheads and business cards. It gives assurance that the design will maintain quality.  So professional designers say that the logo should be designed with vector images.

You can use paths for making designs. This is the fundamental quality of illustrators and you will see just how much you can do with the illustrator path operations. In the Pathfinder window for ex: you can merge, join, crop or subtract and go crazy with shapes using tracing tool you can trace out any image by the illustrator. Now this image will be a vector allowing you to resize it to any scale and any quality.

Also, the illustrator can turn any text into a path tool. This is an amazingly handy tool for the designers. It allows you to edit any text point by point. This shows why adobe illustrator is good for graphics designers and artists.

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