The difference between a blog and a website creates a lot of confusion in the minds of the people. Just like differences, there are many similarities between them. The idea behind a blog or a website is to generate traffic. So if you want to start a blog or a website then you must learn to generate the targeted audience.

Websites are normally complex than writing a blog because of these people often choose easy way i.e. Blogs. After some time they find out that it is not the best way. Therefore first decide what do you want to go for?

Blog: A Blog has the foremost recent content shown on the front followed by previous updated content These contents are organized by date. Various posts can also be organized in the blog. Blogs also provide a form at the end of every Blog post like readers can participate in the communication and leave behind comments.

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When you have a topic which can be helpful to the readers at the same time if you are able to write a fresh article on that topic consistently then you can start a blog. Now a day’s many News Agencies are using blogs in their websites. Once reader’s start visiting your blogs they can subscribe to your blog. Thus they will be able to read the latest Blog Posts titles at a glance. Because of this, you should select a topic on which you can write fresh information at a regular interval. If you do not provide a fresh new content to the readers then after some time they will stop reading your blogs.

For creating a blog you need a platform. Most common platforms used by a lot of people are 1. WordPress and 2. Blogger. Both of these platforms are free and also provide editor’s which are user-friendly for publishing your contents. These platforms do not require any programming or software.

WordPress can be used for developing static websites. But let’s first know what is a website? A website is a collection of web pages which unlike a blog contains a combination of text, images, audio and video. The WebPages are not organized by date like a blog.

There are 2 types of websites: 1. Static and 2. Dynamic

Static websites are readymade webpage and the contents on this page never change. Same contents remain on the web server. when a user enters the domain name of the website then they get to see the same contents on the screen.

Dynamic websites are the websites in which format remains the same but the contents change. For ex: If you have a website related to the School and if you want to see the details of a particular student then after entering his roll number, you would get to see his/her details. When you enter some other roll number then you will see another student’s details. From this example, we can see that the format of each of the page is same but the contents are changing.

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Dynamic WebPages are programmed pages. A website may contain static as well as dynamic web pages. Dynamic WebPages can be developed by Servlets, JSP,

Here you can have a full control over the layout of your website. In WordPress, you can use a previously written code for your website as it is an open source program.

You can change the layout of a blog as well. These two can be differentiated on the basis of the way in which the contents are published. Blogs can be published using the publishing tool which is built-in on the blogging platform. For Ex. If you are using WordPress platform for your blog then for publishing your content you would need to login to the Admin Panel and click “Publish”.

For publishing the contents of a website you would need FTP program or a software which has a built-in FTP program.

If you are deciding to start writing a blog then register your own domain name and then you have your own hosted blog or you can go for a best blog hosting platform. If you would like to take a time to learn CSS, HTML, PHP etc. then also you can change the layout of your blog but it is not easy because blogs are made up of several files and the coding is also complex.

A blog can be a part of a website like a web page which is connected to the main page. Once you have developed the website it is required to make it online. You can select a Best web hosting company which will do this for you at an affordable price. You select any of the following web hosting services:

If your website is in initial stage then you can choose Shared Hosting. In which the hosting providers will rent out space on their server for publishing your website along with some other websites. You would have to share the resources provided by the hosting company with others on the server. This is a cheap way of hosting your website.

When the traffic to your website starts growing then you can go for VPS / Cloud Hosting. This is Virtual Private Hosting. It is formed by creating virtual machines on a physical server. It is a combination of shared and dedicated hosting. So you can get the benefits of both the hosting. You can create as many VPS as you want on your physical server. It is not very costly. Users have full control over this server. You can upgrade your resources as per requirement.

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Once your business flourishes, then you can go for Dedicated Server Hosting. Here you will get your own physical server. It’s not shared with anyone. You can use your own hardware, operating system etc. Due to this the cost of dedicated servers id very high.

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