To open alternate SMTP port 26 on Plesk Server


SMTP is an abbreviation for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, a data transmission format used to send email. In this article Hostdens will give you how to open alternate SMTP port 26 on Plesk server. Follow the steps and open alternate SMTP port 26.


How to open alternate SMTP port 26 on Plesk server

Step 1 : Create a new entry for the alternate port in xinetd by using following command:

# cd /etc/xinetd.d

# cp smtp_psa smtp_psa_p26

Step 2 : The entry that was just created needs to be modified smtp_psa_p26 by using following command:

# vi smtp_psa_p26

Step 3 : Edit the first line of the file as

“service smtp_p26”

Step 4 : Save the file.

Step 5 : Next, edit the service to include the newly created one by using following command:

# vi /etc/services

Step 6 : Add the following entry:

smtp_p26 26/tcp mail
smtp_p26 26/udp mail

Step 7 : After editing this, just restart xinetd by using following command:

# service xinetd restart

Step 8 : Now, the server should be listening on port 26. A quick way to verify the changes took effect can be done using this command:

# netstat -lpn|grep 26

Don’t forget to make sure port 26 is open in the firewall.


That’s it!!

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How to Back Up Your Website Using Plesk

To Back Up a Site in Plesk 12.X


Backing up your web hosting account is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself when the worst might happen. In this article Hostdens will give you how you can easily Back Up Your Website Using Plesk. Follow the steps and back up your website.

Step 1 : Log in to the Control Panel.

Step 2 : Choose correct domain and click the domain.

Step 3 : Select the Websites & Domains tab.

Step 4 : Then, Select the Backup Manager.

Step 5 : Select Back Up.

Step 6 : Select where you want to store the backup: either Server Repository or Personal FTP Repository.

Step 7 : Enter your Email if you want an email once it completes.

Step 8 : Under the Backup Settings section select the Domain configuration and content.

Step 9 : DO NOT select the Suspend domain until backup task is completed. Should the backup fail, your domain would remain suspended and inaccessible to your website viewers.

The backup is completed you can download it.


***** Follow the steps for download backup.

Step 1 : Go to main backup screen.

Step 2 : Click on the Green Circle/Arrow icon on the right side of the backup listing.







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How to Solve Application Error in Windows vzpp

Error :

“Application Error
The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration.”


Solution :

This is usually caused by VPS hitting its memory parameters, the QOS alerts can be checked from vzmc/pmc to confirm this.

A temporary solution would be restart the the vps to release the memory resource. You want to fix it permanent solution make sure to check how frequent the QOS parameters are hitting their limit and what is causing this high usage and resolve that accordingly.

After restarting virtual private servers , make sure to check it in new browser window about the Plesk login information. 

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