Cloud Adoption Accelerates IT Modernization. More and more online businesses are increasing more and more workloads to the cloud sector. Today’s world is known to be the Cloud World. IDC, a global market intelligence firm recently studied that more than 60% of India’s business enterprises plan to adopt cloud platforms for digital innovation. As cloud business comes with many perks. There are many reasons to choose cloud such as

1) Cost Efficient

2)Storage Space

3) Accessibility

4) Scalability

5) Fault Resilient

As per the survey of 2020, almost more than half of the total world’s total population were using the Internet, and this number is increasing gradually. This can indirectly advance the workload. Covid-19 crisis drove many people online. The small business turned to technology to survive the pandemic which automatically put more and more load on the cloud. 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure are two good players in the cloud. AWS takes the cloud to another level. It makes the public to be more aware of the cloud system.

Denodo Global Cloud Survey 2021, the businesses moving extra workloads to the cloud increased by 25%. The major concern for the user is always is security and the cloud is providing good security majors to the customers. Many companies are taking the first step towards the cloud now and they found it beneficial though cloud migration is not the problem anymore.

Data virtualization firm Denodo has founded that the growing businesses are very much confident in moving to the Cloud as they found many benefits of it. 


Pooja Pande

Pooja Pande an IT eng. with 3 years of teaching experience switched to Content Writer. Her knack for knowledge is her driving force at creating proficient pieces that add value to the reader & provides them creative yet engaging content.