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Cloud Linux declares that its Kernal Care collaborated with Microsoft makes it possible to update the entire network of your device without any disturbances in your services or restarting the device. No one wants to go through reboots and service interruptions and KernelCare resolves that issue. So it has been a useful collaboration for the users.

Kernal Care

It is a service that provides security and fixes bugs for Linux. Its initial release on March 19, 2014. It allows automated security updates in your device without halting the services or you can say without rebooting your device. It helps in filling the gap.

Cloud Linux

Cloud Linux is an operating system based on Linux marketed to shared hosting providers. Its initial release date is on January 2010 uses the OpenVZ kernel. It has thousands of customers and partners globally.

KernelCare supports four Linux distributions recently and these Linux distributions are used on IoT devices. the supported Linux distributions are

– Ubuntu Core

 -Yocto Project


 -Amazon Linux 2 

Jim Jackson, president, and chief revenue officer of CloudLinux stated that a tiny IoT sensor is very dangerous and can make equal damage like any large and complex server.


IoT refers to the Internet of Things which defines the system of interrelated objects that enables the fetching of data wirelessly without human involvement. ======================================================================================

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