Once the designing and development of your website are completed, then the most important part that needs to be completed is to look for a web hosting company which will fulfil all your needs. If you are looking for a good hosting plan, then one thing you will notice that most of the servers have Windows and Linux Operating System installed on them. Which one is the best option depends upon your needs from the server?

Comparison between Windows and Linux Operating Systems:

linux and windows

Both of them have different database formats, Prices, Security etc. which will ultimately affect the functions of your server.

Linux is an Open Source program which is easy to use. It also supports both MySQL and PHP. Its cost is very less at the same time the cost of its distributions is also less. Sometimes you need to pay for some of its pay based versions. But the cost is not high as compared to Windows. Linux is versatile because it is an Open Source program and users can make changes in it’s coding as per their requirement.

For small-scale businesses, Linux is the best option because it is cheap and simple. Linux installation involves a common feature called as a Live boot that is booting from DVD or USB. Software repository of the particular version is required while installing the programs in Linux. Many businesses prefer free and open source alternative. The VMware application in Linux can run Windows in Linux.

Linux is chosen by the users who use MySQL, PHP, Perl or Python. It also provides various open source applications for hosting like CMS, Forums etc.

Windows is User-Friendly and it also supports various types of hardware and applications. Windows installations are more time consuming but are simpler. Installation of Windows is done by .exe file.

Windows has a very high-performance framework i.e. ASP.NET. It is compatible with Linux which is one of the strong advantages of Windows.

Common things between both of these operating system are File Transfer Protocol which is an abbreviation of FTP. It is file manager which is easy as well as fast. Both these operating systems support HTML files and also JavaScript.

Advantages of Linux as a web server:

It is free of cost. It rarely causes security errors which can be resolved easily. It is rarely targeted by cybercriminals.

Disadvantages of Linux as a Web server:

Its operations are complex. The updating process is also complex. All the versions don’t come with a long-term support.

Advantages of Windows as a web server:

Windows is simple as well as user-friendly. It provides support to a large number of hardware as well as SharePoint or exchange. It provides long-term support

Disadvantages of Windows as a web server:

It has a high licensing cost. It has issues related to security. It is sensitive to malware. It is not preferred as a multiuser system.

You can compare all these points at the same time it is important to consider the personal experiences of the friends who have used any one of these hostings.

Following are the most important features which should be considered while deciding which hosting is best:


O.S Cost User Interface Security Support Remote Access
Windows For Windows Cost is high due to Licensing. Windows provide Graphical Interface. Prone to errors.


Windows provide long-term support. Installation is required on both the server as well as client.
Linux For Linux Licensing cost is not required. Linux provides command line interface Security gaps are handled easily. Support depends upon Distribution. Integrated Solution.


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