We are Hostdens! Best web hosting company that has been working in this field for the last 6 years. As we are a web hosting company, we are also providing cPanel/WHM to our customers in cheap rate, but last year, when cPanel was taken over by Oakley Capital, there was a buzz roaming in the market that, they will definitely apply some price changes to cPanel/WHM. Some thought that they might increase their price, but nobody was sure.

Then suddenly on 27th June 2019, news came, that announced a large price increase for cPanel, as well as a complete change in their standard billing pattern by including one extra layer of billing for each account. Now as mentioned earlier, users were already guessing that there might be an increase in the pricing of cPanel, but they never thought it will be so massive because they were expecting a small price increase.

But this has forced some customers to redefine the structure of their entire business. Along with this cPanel has also announced that the users should apply these changes within 2 months, because the new pricing will be operational from 1st Sept. 2019.

Therefore we tried to put together this blog for helping all the cPanel users. Earlier users used to pay the price of $200/year for unlimited accounts straight to cPanel on the virtual cloud but because of the new pricing, the price of base license has now become $45/month which is restricted to 100 accounts, if there are additional accounts then extra $0.20 per month each should be charged.

Now assume that there is a company that has accounts around 1000 on a single cloud server, if we try to calculate their monthly bill then it will be presently $45 + ($0.20 * 900 extra accounts) = $225/month. This indicates that their price has now increased from $200/year to $2700/year i.e. 12.5% increase in the cPanel price. With such a drastic increase in price, many companies cannot afford this price change therefore they will have to find out some substitutes for this.

Thus for dealing with a cPanel price increase, we are here to assist you.

Look, as the time for applying these changes is too short i.e. just 2 months. In this short time period, everybody who is using cPanel should take immediate action.

We would like to suggest a few alternatives for cPanel to you:

  • Instead of cPanel select different control panel like Plesk, Interworx or DirectAdmin.


  • If possible try to move towards NOC which is a cPanel Partner that offers cPanel at lower pricing.


  • Continue working with the cPanel with the current price increase and adopt the structure of your working business model according to the pricing as required.

See presently there are several other control panels available in the markets which are effective and from a long period of time they have been in use. One more thing which we want to mention here is that they mostly have the same features but it doesn’t mean that they are full proof. So this option that we have suggested might look hard to achieve but actually, it is not.


Before taking the decision of selecting any other control panel do check its advantages and disadvantages.

We are providing you some more information about these control panels, for relieving your tension:

Plesk Control Panel:



Oakley Capital has taken over the Plesk control panel, therefore before selecting Plesk as your control panel, think twice.

Interworx Control Panel:

Interworx Control Panel:

Interworx is a lot more advance than cPanel, therefore it is a popular control panel. Interworx offers great diversity in supporting the function of clustering together and at the same time, it works on different devices like mobile or smartphones.

The user interface offered by Interworx is the same as the user interface offered by cPanel. It consists of Nodeworx which is the same as WHM and Siteworx which is the same as cPanel.


Interworx is more spontaneous.

Interworx is advanced because it has few characteristics. It is capable of achieving all the things that are needed for you. In addition to this Interworx have command-line tools for carrying out all the required tasks. Even if you work with command-line tools it will not interrupt the control panel. The backend design of Interworx is really neat and clean which means it is very easy to install as well as modify but can create a few amounts of issues.

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Interworx is able to integrate with all the types of important billing platforms like Ubersmith, WHMCS, Clientexec and so on. Interworx can also work with Softaculous, and other basic scripts as well as it is able to work with main server software like CloudLinux and Litespeed.


Interworx offers an important built-in feature for transferring from cPanel to Interworx just use the “Import” option present in the Siteworx.

We at Hostdens also offer Interworx control panel. We will provide it to you with complete transfer assistance and also assist you at the time of giving an Interworx license on our Shared Hosting accounts.

For more details, you can visit: https://hostdens.in

DirectAdmin Control Panel:

DirectAdmin Control Panel:

There are a large number of benefits offered by DirectAdmin control panel as compared to cPanel and the most valuable feature is that they are offering normal flat pricing which is $29/month or $200/ per year including support for both unlimited domains and accounts. DirectAdmin is simple to use.


DirectAdmin has made an absolute agreement of “protection from price increases”.

The drawback of DirectAdmin is that it does not have characteristics similar to cPanel and interface offered by it is also not good. It has limited support integrations; still, it is compatible with WHMCS.


A complete set of tools is not available for transferring from cPanel to DirectAdmin, but you can achieve that by manually transferring the accounts to the Direct Admin.

Selecting a cPanel Partner NOC instead of cPanel:

We have already discussed how the cPanel price increase has affected the billing model through an example, but in that, we have calculated the pricing on the basis of licensing obtained straight from cPanel, but we want to mention here that there are several other alternatives for purchasing the cPanel licenses.

Up to here, we have discussed the effect of cPanel price increase, now for taking the next step Hostdens! I will be happy to help you and assist you on how you should deal with this issue. Our experts will help you in selecting the best alternative, which will be beneficial to both you and your organization.

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Continue working with the existing cPanel as per its price increase:

cPanel price

Now the last option was to continue working with the existing cPanel price increase by adapting your business model according to it. But, after all the choice is yours!


We cannot force you to continue working with the cPanel price increase and adapt your business model accordingly.


We think that you will definitely find this information useful if you still have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us or leave a comment in the comment section below. Thank you for reading the blog.

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