Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting is specifically designed to serve the needs of WordPress users. They provide world class support, high security and lightning fast speed. Most of the companies use their own caching software to improve the site speed, and thus don’t allow any other cache plugins.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Disadvantage Of Managed WordPress Hosting

1) Higher Cost of Managed WordPress Hosting

Regular shared hosting plan cost less than a managed hosting. You will not get the same level of support for wordpress, but most companies still offer a basic level of support for their clients.

Higher Cost

2) Lack Of Control in Managed WordPress Hosting

Technical person manages technical aspects so you cannot actually control everything that would be changed. That time definitely the point for most people that opt for such a service, in the event that you do have a lot of technical knowledge and you want to control absolutely everything, you will not want someone else to manage the server.

Lack Of Control

3) Limitations on Managed WordPress Hosting

You can only run a site that is based on WordPress. You can not run all plugins because the shared hosting provider will basically eliminate all the plugins that would slow down everything. You will always have a site that runs at peak speed but there are situations in which you will be stressed by the fact that the provider does not want to install something you might need.


4) Not flexible:

You are Allows host multiple website, you are limited to build your website with wordpress only. In case of a virtual private server that can give your site the same level of performance and security, at similar cost, but without the dedicated support for the software, you can build multiple websites using other software than wordpress.

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