DNS stands for Domain Name System. Whenever you browse any information on the internet then we type a domain name in the browser but as we all know the computer doesn’t understand human-readable information that is computer can only understand 0’s and 1’s. Thus everything that we type gets converted into numbers which computers can understand. In a similar way, the domain name or hostname which users type in the browser get converted into the combination of numbers which is called an IP address.

Each IP address has its own hostname or domain name which is generally stored in IP address database on a server. This server is called DNS server. It acts as an intermediate between a user and the computer. It accesses this database and serves the request placed by the user.

If the user types www.hostdens.com then the DNS server looks for its IP address stored in the memory and when it fetches the address, the site gets uploaded on the screen.

domain name

This server communicates through the protocol which translates IP address into hostname or hostname into its IP address making it easy for both the user and the computer. Without this, it would not be possible for the users to remember the IP addresses of each hostname or website at the same time DNS servers makes it easy for the computer by translating it into IP addresses.

It is not compulsory that each IP address has only one hostname. Multiple hostnames can also be assigned to a single IP address. It is seen in most of the virtual web hosting, in which a single IP address can host multiple websites.

DNS servers are faster, reliable and can serve the users requests with very less downtime.

There are 2 types of DNS servers: Primary and Secondary. In many computer systems, DNS servers are configured into one so that if the primary server fails then it can be restored with the secondary server.

Similarly, a single host may point to many IP addresses for improving the performance of an enterprise or a small startup business.

DNS servers mostly provide faster access time than others. There can be some issues while accessing some important data or information. For ex. It may happen that the DNS server is unable to locate the IP address of the hostname which user is looking for because of which a different website can get opened or a fake website which looks like an original website and hijackers or scammers can access the user’s important data or information. This can happen due to some malicious program which affects your server and in turn, may lead the users to somewhere else.

For avoiding these situations users must install an antivirus on their computer system.

Failure of the DNS server will affect the internet a lot which may lead an important data ending in wrong places. The DNS servers also have many backup servers at important locations which will get affected due to a failure of DNS.

As mentioned earlier DNS servers distributed at key locations, so if the computer system fails due to some reason or if the DNS server breaks then it will be difficult to resolve these issues due to which users will not be able to connect to their networks.

Without DNS server the internet will not work properly it will affect everyone.

DNS Hosting Services

The services that run Domain Name System servers are called DNS hosting services. Every domain name registrars don’t have DNS hosting service. There are some free DNS servers which can be used for ex: CloudFlare, Comodo secure DNS etc. The Dynamic DNS is provided by some DNS hosting services.

domain name

DNS hosting services have multiple servers at various key locations around the world making this hosting service resilient for the users across the globe. Due to these multiple servers, DNS hosting services has faster speed.


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