About Bizvibe

Bizvibe is a B2B online platform that helps in connecting buyers and sellers to find out the best suitable platform for their business globally. It helps buyers to select the right supplier.

Bizvibe for buyers and sellers

Bizvibe helps both sellers and buyers to find out the right solutions for them. Many companies are connected with Bizvibe.

For buyers 

-Precise Supplier Targeting: A buyer can evaluate and shortlist the sellers as per their needs.

-Communicate in Real-Time: A buyer can communicate directly with the selected seller via the Bizvibe interface.

-A Natural Path to RFI/RFP: Buyers can get information about the desired products and services easily.

For sellers

-Sales Prospecting: With this, the seller can target the right account so there is more chance of business rather than wasting time in searching for whoever needed your service.

-Accurately Target Buyers: Sellers can access all the company’s information such as growth reports, social media updates, news, etc so it helps them to target their customers accurately.

-Fuel Rapid Growth: Bizvibe helps sellers to grow their business via connecting them with their large database.

Green data centers

Bizvibe is growing focus on green data centers. As we all know that data centers are consuming more and more power which is the main reason companies are moving towards green data centers that use renewable energy. 

Eco-friendly services: This includes energy-efficient hardware, optimized software, natural cooling, and intelligent load balancing. These services are what people want for a longer time. Green web-hosting providers use eco-friendly services. They use renewable energy to run their data centers.

This trend is expected to have a strong impact on data processing and hosting service companies.

Data Processing and Hosting Product and Service Categories

There are 10M+ Company profile data from 200+ countries available on Bizvibe. It includes data processing and hosting provider companies. The data processing and hosting product and service categories include:

-Cloud services such as cloud computing and cloud gaming services.

-Data analytics and data visualization services.

-Managed application hosting services. =============================================================================

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