Let’s see what is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service used by an individual or business for making their websites visible on the internet. This service is provided by the web hosts or Internet hosting services. These hosting providers allow the individuals or businesses to host their websites on their servers by providing space for rent.

What is eCommerce?

eCommerce stands for Electronic Commerce. It allows the business information to be paperlessly exchanged using various electronic media like emails, EDI, Electronic Fund Transfers etc. It can be related with online shopping or online business transactions, purchasing and selling of music, graphics, software’s etc.

In simple words, we can say that e-commerce is a process of online selling of various merchandizes using electronic media. Due to use of electronic media, anything can be sold on the internet. It has also helped in processing the credit cards online so a lot of people are choosing this way of shopping. At the same time, the shoppers also get the benefits of cheap prices as per their convenience.

Online businesses can reduce the prices as they don’t have the stress of paying to the employees who run the shop.

One more important thing about shopping online is the fast speed of shipping technology. Now a day’s shipping has become incredibly fast and when you place an order for any item, then that item will be at your doorsteps in a few days.

How does an e-commerce website work?

eCommerce website follows various steps that require accessing databases, website utilization code, applications by a 3rd party. The transaction of payment is an important part of an eCommerce website.

As eCommerce websites are related to payment transactions it is required to secure all the valuable information of the customers. So an SSL Certificate is used to secure all the private and valuable data. The valuable data includes credit card number, Bank account number etc. which should not be stored on the database of the website if the eCommerce website doesn’t have a PCI compliance.

PCI compliance stands for Payment Card Industry. It is helpful to all the businesses or stores: big or small, who accepts payments through credit cards. If any store accepts credit card payments and at the same time stores, processes and transfers the data then they need to secure this data through PCI compliance.

  • Steps involved in eCommerce transactions:
  • The shopper selects the eCommerce website and then the website shows the products and services offered by them. The shopper logs into the site account and selects the required items or products.
  • This data is then stored in the database temporarily.
  • At the time of billing, the site may take help of any other 3rd party software for checking the shipping rates.
  • At the time of payment transactions or billing, the site should show the lock symbol and at the same time, the payment transactions are redirected towards payment gateways.
  • Shoppers order gets completed. The valuable data is not stored with the website owners.

The ECommerce websites are designed and developed differently but their main function is the same. They accept credit cards. Mostly the payment transactions are done through payment gateways for the security of the valuable data like credit card numbers, Bank account numbers etc. Payment gateway companies work with the credit card companies to ensure that all the payment transactions through credit cards are processed securely. The shoppers will never come to know that they are being redirected to other websites during various payment related transactions. Also, the eCommerce sites are secured with an SSL  certificate which minimizes the possibility of any fraud.

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Vishwajit Kale

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