Many times it happens that when you visit any website you struggle to navigate around, this happens when webmasters do not think about users who are going to use their website instead of that they build a website according to their own requirements and in a way which they think is perfect. Thus they do not recognize that if a website is built by keeping users or visitors in mind, then that website will become more usable and it will help users to stay for a long time on the website and thus the users will keep coming back to their website.

Therefore it is not at all difficult to create a website by keeping the users in mind at the same time it is also true that webmasters need to make efforts for it. It will also require spending some more time on the competitors’ website and try to get information about why they are receiving more traffic than they are getting currently.

You can take help of following ways for designing a user-friendly website. Always keep in mind to ensure that every time you will test each and way before moving forward:

Try to use gentle or soft colors while designing a website: –

While designing a website always try to use gentle or soft colors because when very dark or bright colors are used then it can be wearying for the visitor’s eyes, due to which the visitors may avoid staying for a long time on your website. Therefore make a practice of using light colors like white color in combination with some other light color. It will be a much better option than reading a web page which is tiring for the eyes.

Try to avoid adding too many links: –

Anybody can easily access a website through links. But a number of links on one page will give it a feel of a sales or marketing page. Before making any page final, once ask yourself whether there are there too many links on it? Are they trying to distract you? Or are they slightly merged into the web page? If you are getting distracted by the page it means you have included a large number of links on that page.

Check whether the sidebar given on your website works properly or not?

In many websites it has been seen that the sidebar doesn’t work properly so I would like to recommend you that, you should also check whether you are going to use a sidebar on your website or not and if you are using it then check whether the sidebar provided on your website is working properly or not, thereby your visitors will be able to browse your web page easily. It is also recommended that you should not try too hard for including a sidebar because sometimes it might affect the overall look of your website.

It is a misconception that adding a lot of photos on your website is a good practice: –

See it happens with all of us when we visit different websites, few of them are full of photos and webmasters of such websites think that all the visitors are looking nothing but the photos which create a negative impact on the visitors such as it may lead to increased bounce rate. Therefore it is beneficial if you use a good mix of text as well as photos on the pages of your website. It will also help in decreasing the bounce rate of your website.

Effective use of white space: –

A lot of webmasters do not worry about this aspect, but for your information, I want to suggest that it is helpful for the website and it does provide good end results. Using white spaces on your website effectively is like moving one step further towards creating a user-friendly website. The significance of using more white spaces than the regular spaces is that visitors will think that you as a webmaster are trying to provide important information about your products and services rather than making them feel as if you are trying to use some marketing strategy for them. As mentioned earlier, many webmasters think that too much white space is not helpful for their websites as it can make their website look boring or simple. But know that there is a slight difference between the things that work efficiently and effectively and there are things which do not work effectively or efficiently. Thus it is your final decision to decide what is good for your website and what is not.

Avoid using too many Ads: –

All business owners know that Ads play a very important role in making money but their number should be kept to the minimum. Try to use as big-screen resolution as possible so that it will be helpful for you to include Ads on your website. This will help you in properly managing the space for the Ads and it will also not bother the visitors with small screen resolution. A better way is to try using maximum 3 ads on every page of your website and place them in such a way that visitors will not be able to see 2 or 3 ads on their screen at any given period of time.

Thus creating a user-friendly website is not any rocket science, you only have to know what works well and what not! Also, no two websites are similar and nobody wants to create a web page which is difficult for reading. Therefore we assume that you will definitely follow above tips and try to make sure that you are not putting on too many things or too little things for attracting traffic to your website and for making them coming back to your website.

Thus when you design your website by keeping the above points in your mind, your website will definitely succeed in attracting more traffic and possible buyers.

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Once you create a user-friendly website, you will start getting following technical as well as profit raising benefits:

Visitors will stay for a long time on your web page:-

A user-friendly website is capable of engaging a number of visitors to stay on for a long-time period on your web page. As the fundamental objective of creating a user friendly website is not only attracting traffic but also to try to convert them into customers and for this some visitors should stay on your web pages and go through your website, read the content, try to understand about your products as well as services and perform required actions as specified on the website.

Therefore if your website doesn’t have a powerful web design then a number of visitors will leave quickly, which will increase the bounce rate, therefore, a website should be designed in such a way that it will generate interest in the visitor’s mind.

You will see an increase in the conversion rate: –

Another important advantage of designing a user-friendly website is the increase in the conversion rate. If your website describes a well-crafted navigation path across your website, then visitors will find it easy to reach to their desired location. You can use a call to action option like buttons for buy now, know more, read more or sign up, etc. Conversion of visitors into customers also depends upon the way you have used a call to action such as how easy is it accessible, or how easy is it to read or how easily can it grab your attention, etc.

The proper mix of photos, text and other elements: –

Understand that visitors do not want to waste their time looking for what they want; they prefer to move on to the next immediate option available to them. If you provide effective web design then visitors will find that the content is easy to read. The photos, text, and other elements are placed in perfect alignment on your website. Call to action is also placed properly. Try to avoid using large sections of text on your website instead try to use small paragraphs, use images or visuals after every 2 or 3 paragraphs, try to list facts about your products or services, etc.

Avoid future costs and expenses: –

For avoiding future costs and expenses, always spend the correct amount on website design, development and writing contents. Because it is found that webmasters who try to spend less amount on the web development, web design, etc. for saving money result into spending even more amount in the future due to low SERP rankings or due to strong competition.

A user-friendly website not only helps you in attracting more traffic but also help you in generating more income. Thus it will be beneficial to convert leads into sales, helps you in receiving Ads for sidebars and make your visitors stay for a long time on your web page.

It is a better medium for improving your brand name: –

The simplest way to improve the brand name of your website is by developing a user-friendly website. Visitors will recommend only those websites which are visually appealing, which offer better navigation, content is easy to read.

Thus having a user-friendly website will definitely improve your brand name.


That’s all for today! I think you find this blog helpful. Please let me know have you tried to develop a website with your users in mind? Mention in the comment section below. Thank you for reading the blog. See you soon with another blog on another interesting topic!

Vishwajit Kale

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