Export Deatabase


phpMyAdmin makes the task of managing your MySQL databases easier and more efficient, and it allows you to manage those available databases from anywhere. With phpMyAdmin, you can create, edit, back up, Import, export, and delete databases, as well as manage database tables. When you export a database, you are creating a backup file of the database. This backup file is usually a .sql file (a text file), and can be used to copy and import the database onto another server


Export Database using PHPMyAdmin

1) Log into phpMyAdmin

2) Click the database you are working with.

3) Click Export Button

4) Under the Export heading, Selected SQL option

5) Under the Options heading, ensure that you have selected, Add DROP TABLE / VIEW / PROCEDURE / FUNCTION

6) Ensure the Save as file option is checked.

7)  Click Go Button

8) You will be prompted to either open or save the file. Select the option to save the file and then save the somewhere you’ll remember.





Congratulations, you have just exported a copy of your database!

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