This article will explain how you can install WordPress on your server using Plesk. WordPress is an award-winning blog platform that we recommend for blogging. You can have your very own self-hosted WordPress blog with your own domain  name. Recent 2021 reports says nearly  30% of  websites on internet are WP sites.install WordPress on Plesk

This article will explain how you can install WordPress on your server using Plesk

Step 1 : Login to the Plesk control.

Step 2 : Go to Websites and Domains tab.

Step 3 : Click on Domain Name in the bottom.

Step 4 : Click Add New Database.

Step 5 : Type the name for your database.

Step 6 : Select type of database.

Step 7 : Click OK button.

Step 8 : Next, you need to add a user to the database.  Click the Add New Database User icon.

Step 9 : Type the name of the database user.

Step 10 : Enter a complex password (make sure to note it for future use).

Step 11 : Click OK.

Now the database is created, it’s time to start the wordpress installation process.

Step 12 : Install wordpress by downloading the wordpress zip file.

Step 13 : Extracting under the domain directory.

Step 14 : Now, Running the link where wordpress files are located.

Step 15 : Use above database and database username when prompted.

Step 16 : Done


Your WordPress has been successfully installed!


Last words,

Now, maybe you are a blogger and or knew nothing about WordPress server installation, I’m sure that this will help you a lot.

For the readers, who want to dive with me in more interesting daily traits, I will be back with some more cool things.

See you in my next article. Take care!

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