What is Zamfoo ?


Zamfoo is a plugin which provides additional features to a Reseller and makes his work a bit easy. Zamfoo plugin needs to be installed on the server and can be integrated with Reseller center. The OS recommended for Zamfoo is Cent OS, as its the most compatible OS for cPanel/WHM. Altough there are few limitations to use the this with WHM reseller.




To Install Zamfoo 

Run the following commands in SSH:


Use of this commands : This will take you to the root directory of your server.


wget http://www.zamfoo.com/downloads/zamfoo_installer.tar

Use of this commands : This command will download zafoo on your server.


tar -xvf zamfoo_installer.tar

Use of this commands : This command will extract contents on the server.


chmod 755 runme.cgi

Use of this commands : This command will modify the permissions to make it executable.



Use of this commands : This command will run the installer.


After firing all these commands,

You will have to enter the license key here:-

$license=”License key”

Once enter the License key
press CTRL + X

then Save it.





 Zamfoo will be installed on your Linux server.

Vishwajit Kale

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