Let’s talk about the best code editors available right now. Following editors aren’t placed in any ranking order. Everyone’s personal needs and preferences are different. So at the end of the day you need to choose the one that suits best for you. So let’s get started:

  1. Atom:

It is a project started by GitHub is establishing itself as one of the premiere code in text editors out there. Atom is totally free, open source and highly customizable, built on around a minimal core Atom comes with multiple languages with specific packages built in and a library of community rating ones as exploded over the years since the editor was first released. Atom is as strong as you need it to be. If the editor doesn’t do something that you need and it even creates that feature itself? It is available on MAC, Windows and Linux for free.

2. UltraEdit:

UltraEdit is a part of the family of developer products by IBM computers solutions. It can use added HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Python and much more. Bio – indication is this editor is a solid entry on this list and has some industry class to prove it it’s a premium product they are actively developing their editor to strive in the competition with the rest of the others.

UltraEdit is available on Windows, Mac and Linux and it’s $99.95/year for a single user.

3. Sublime Text:

It is a pretty cool to the industry standards for text editor like Atom; Sublime text has an incredibly active pack repository that extends its features far beyond the initial download. Sublime text is a beautiful feature rich text editor for code. Maybe the biggest draw is the feature that it puts a premium on user experience. This includes features like distraction – free writing mode, quick short cuts and searches, Split editing and much more- while there is a $80 price tag attached to Sublime. They offer an in depth never ending trial and once you get used to Sublimes keyboard short cuts, you wonder how you ever lived in the world without them. It is available on windows, Mac and Linux for free.

4. Notepad++:

It is extremely popular partly because it’s free and GPL licensed open source and more than that added simple beginners and better asking them. They need to get out of it. It is all often mentioned in blog posts as a great option for someone just getting into code editing and might be overwhelmed by the environment offered by Sublime or Atom. Notepad ++ is a wonderful and simple option not just for beginners but developers at any level. The downside is to windows only and any devs are on Mac or Linux but for those living in Microsoft, this is a great option to try out since it’s free.

5. CoffeeCup HTML Editor:

It is a simple tool for creating, organizing, and working on an HTML CSS project that’s what it does. It is branding itself as added HTML editor the devs are complementary to the products and it shows they also offer split view and you can see the edits you made in real time much like the DV builder but with code. CoffeeCup is not just for HTML however it does support PHP development available on windows or Mac for free or for $49 for this more feature rich editor.

6. Espresso:

It is a Mac only code editor, but it cannot be mentioned. It’s nearly smooth and clearly Atom or Sublime. The program is fast and its relatively powerful which sets espresso apart as a real- time editing that you can do the code in editing window as well as in the browser too. Anything you code would reflect in the browser and you have an initiative to drag and drop interface at its back end on the fly with slower Plugins and themes they focus on efficiency and speed.

Espresso has a strong community and users who advocates forced use. It is $79 but you can download the free trial from the website so you can see if it fits your work?

7. BBEdit:

By Bare Bones is a very more advanced than textWrangler free offering test right which is no longer available is full to bream to professional level features for creating, editing and manipulating text for your coding projects. It’s only available on Mac OS and it’s going to run you $49.99

8. Bluefish:

It is more than an IDE than a real text editor, which means it may be a little advanced for brand new users. Its free support in pretty much every language because its open source it comes with a wide variety of useful features for using many platforms. It’s constantly updated by the community that built itself around the editor. It’s available on many platforms and it’s free.

9. Brackets:

It is another free an open source editor. This time it’s not simply a community – driven project so do by itself behind this one.  It is designed to be minimal yet powerful while at the same time both things are unique and exciting features. One of those features being extract but two of which allow you to extract information in such as colors, gradiance, measurements delivery from PSD’s as clean as CSS front end developers working in design see it after creating a picture perfect site for markups there may be no better tools for you. It’s available for windows, Linux, Mac and it’s free.

10. Coda:

By panic is everything you need to in Coda website is within one app. You will get a real- time contribution of your code. UI is beautiful and the software itself is updated and improved fairly often. It has a plugin repository like many text editors and you can include it to develop, even if you don’t write in the scripting language Coco so an iOS application by this seems to be just as rich as the desktop version. It costs $99 for Mac and $25 for iOS.

And last but not the least is number

11. VIM:

It is a hard core let’s speak about it up front where sublime text notepad ++ and some of the other editors on this list are Google friendly this is unapologetic in its territory in brewinism from the official website down to the software itself ad skip learning curve you will see why the text editor is designed in a way it is. It does roughly everything a text and code editor can do because its designed for efficiency and function watching people coding in VIM is like watching a concert pinest the UI is the key stroke pace and fast to sublime text keyboards for customers helpful when you like to use VIM the experience is on roof top because VIM can be so intense to learn they created a free game to play to learn how it works.

It’s definitely not a tutorial but it’s a way to not overwhelm you its pretty fun. It is available on windows, MacOS, Linux and it’s free.

When you are trying to make a list of a cod editors it’s not good to skip these strong contenders for writer, coder and developer has a favorite set of tools just like every carpenter has his favorite hammer and an artist has his favorite set of brushes.

So if you miss something that we should have included on this list please feel free to add it in the comments. Thanks for reading this blog and will see you next time.

Vishwajit Kale

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