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Importance of Resell

“Reselling” is exciting!, it is an incredible way to generate some new income online, to provide service to the clients and to really start a business that would allow you to do whatever you want and get the income that you really deserve!! So let’s first start by talking about some of the things that cause people who want to start a reseller business.

So! Why do this resell or reseller is in the first place?

  • Well! First of all to make it really easy you do this because you like money! And if you structure your reseller business correctly, you would definitely get paid and not only you get paid but you will be able to be extremely creative about the different packages, that you come up with and the services that you can offer to your customers. So certainly for someone who does have that creativity and that desire.
  • You love technologies and you would love to service clients! So second cause is you do this because you love tech and you love to service clients.

It’s really important to you to have those two kinds of drives that you are thinking about. Because becoming a reseller includes dealing not with just technologies which is constant but with also the technologies which is constantly changing as it tends to do. So the more that we rely on mobile, the more different kinds of domains will become available. The different kind of apps that you can work with, all of this is going to be changing so you really have to love and be personally invested in technologies in some way so that it works for you. And off course you have to love to service the clients because the clients will be paying you and you are going to be accountable to them and you are also going to have the certain boundaries there to make sure that your personal time is not compromised too much!

  • Most of the people who decide to become a reseller want to be able to manage their own business by working from home.  When you are a reseller but you pretty much work from anywhere including your smart phone or your tablet.
  • And you really like to know what you are doing when it comes to domain and hosting technology. So certainly you don’t want to get a reseller account, if you don’t know absolutely anything about domains or hosting. I would really encourage you to buy one of lower level plans first and play around with it, ask questions, get to know the support team and then may be consider being a reseller.
  • But if you completely agree and bring to this it shouldn’t really take you too long to give idea to how to operate your reseller account and start to get clients. So I definitely don’t want to discourage anyone but you do have to start somewhere, so make sure you are doing it and you also like to help others. So you have to feel like what you have to offer people is something  that they can really use and that you are going to be able to give a service to people that gives them value that they will get from someone else. Make sure that you would like to help others for which you are doing this reseller business and what I would recommend you is to be more handy around various apps for example: WordPress!. It’s just an example of one of the apps that you can offer to people or offer one of the CMS. How many things you can offer to people if you decide to host their websites. There are a billion things that you can do!

Now let’s focus little bit on how your branding should look like:

If you have your own hosting you can brand to customers and that is an amazing thing. So what I mean by branding is: if you have your own company and the company has its own look, own feel, its own design, so I would like to encourage you to go for the idea of reseller. It’s a thing about how you can expand it and what branding looks like is- let’s take for example – just a brand that everybody is absolutely familiar with is Coco Cola! When you think about Coke! You think about what just they think about but that big white logo on the red background and may be some of the marketing schemes that they will use in the past. So you want to be your own famous Brand like Coco-Cola!!!

Basically, you have to brand about yourself and think about how its going to look when customers access it.

Branding differentiates you from everyone out there and that the most important thing you can remember about branding.

Not only this is going to differentiate but you want it to be uniform. So you are not going to have one logo, one font, one types of language on website and if you create a few and give it a desired look then it will completely look different from your website. You really want everything to be uniform and you don’t want branding exactly look like your competitors, you can create your own website and logo in the reseller business or if you probably have some other idea of creating your own website, but there are a million great ways to get the logo super fancy.

You can do your own marketing and hosting for others. You can do marketing for them also if you learn about marketing by doing your own.

You can setup everything by yourself and mostly have a self operating business out of the gate.

Off course branding is fun, coming up with your own idea and coming up with all of the different services that you want to give to people and coming up with your social media, your company name, your logo, all of these fun stuff is really cool; if you decide to resell.

You are the boss. You have to manage your own assets. If you see yourself as a problem solver then your reselling will going to be a very good business for you.

You can set your own schedule which is pretty amazing.

You must be ready to manage accounts and remember websites never sleep! So if anybody’s website is down due to certain reason at 12 o’clock at night then they are going to talk to you at that time and whether you are actually going to accept their call? It really matters in terms of how you are going to manage your business.

And last but not the least: Having your own business can be a super fun!!!

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