SMTP is an abbreviation for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, a data transmission format used to send email. In this article Hostdens will give you how to open alternate SMTP port 26 on Plesk server. Follow the steps and open alternate SMTP port 26.


How to open alternate SMTP port 26 on Plesk server

Step 1 : Create a new entry for the alternate port in xinetd by using following command:

# cd /etc/xinetd.d

# cp smtp_psa smtp_psa_p26

Step 2 : The entry that was just created needs to be modified smtp_psa_p26 by using following command:

# vi smtp_psa_p26

Step 3 : Edit the first line of the file as

“service smtp_p26”

Step 4 : Save the file.

Step 5 : Next, edit the service to include the newly created one by using following command:

# vi /etc/services

Step 6 : Add the following entry:

smtp_p26 26/tcp mail
smtp_p26 26/udp mail

Step 7 : After editing this, just restart xinetd by using following command:

# service xinetd restart

Step 8 : Now, the server should be listening on port 26. A quick way to verify the changes took effect can be done using this command:

# netstat -lpn|grep 26

Don’t forget to make sure port 26 is open in the firewall.


That’s it!!

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