People often ask me what a CRM system is and how to use it? It’s one of these first, right kinds of business questions that are most often asked. If you are interested in learning about CRM systems, it definitely means that you are on the right track and you should definitely be using CRM for your business as well.

CRM actually stands for Client Relationships Management. And it’s a system that you as a business owner use to streamline the process of interacting with your client ok! In most cases CRM systems are used for automating the process for example: when the leap arise in your business-someone requests to call back or someone signs up for the free demo or anything like that, that person becomes the one who initiates the automatic process of interacting with that person.

They receive the welcome message from the CRM system. Based on the various triggers they may receive like different kinds of other messages where a system may send notifications to the sales person to give that percept call or anything like that.

So the point is that whatever you think of your perfect process of interacting with your client, you may automate the process using this CRM system. And by the way the CRM systems are now really good for automating the process of interacting with new percepts and also something that’s very useful for re-engaging with your existing client from the past and this is actually something that will allow you to improve your retention rate for example.

In spite of the automation, CRM systems are also good because they are a centralized environment. Back in the days before these systems arrived sales team or business owners or someone else would have the information about the percepts catered around all kinds of platforms. Some of the information was emailed; some was in the calendar perhaps something was on the cloud storage etc. And the good thing about CRM systems is that they centralize everything that is related with the sell in one single place.

Because CRM systems are often stored in cloud and provided as the service they are easily accessible from wherever you are in the world. All you need to access your CRM system is through the web browser and the internet connection that’s all! And again very back in the days some things were stored locally on the computers and that wasn’t always very convenient. So CRM systems also fix that.

You can think about unified environment for sales. It’s a lot easier for business owners to train sales people to work with one single environment instead of training them to work with a lot of stuff that the business process may change in this case.

So CRM systems are also good because they are easier to on board you know. There are a lot of CRM systems like tools available currently in the world. There are hundreds of them actually. Some of them are industry specific like for example: for Web Hosting Businesses and some of them are some other tools called as “WHMCS”. Another tools like “Sales Force” are also used by industry type like Photography Businesses .

Sales Force – It is at least 5 times as popular as the closest competitor which is to be the Zoho. Actually sales force is so big that they have their own ecosystem built around them, where thousands of people who may work with sales force provide services to businesses that want to have a sales force as their CRM.

There are even tools built specifically for being used as a sales force. So we can think it as a WordPress of the CRM market. There are also options like micro etc. there is a lot of them and pick the one out of them that you think is beneficial for your business.

I hope this solves your question about CRM systems. If you have anything to add to this information, please leave a comment in the comment box below.

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