The process which facilitates exchanges and customer satisfaction demands through the process of planning, promoting and pricing the different products and services through the internet is called e-marketing.

There are more advantages of e-marketing over the traditional way of marketing because e-marketing offers more competitive prices and conveniences to the customers which in turn decrease the operational cost of the businesses.

E-marketing has made it possible for the customers to do online shopping, without going to market. They can get the information of various products in the market and thus they can buy products from their mobile or computers 24*7 week


With the help of emails, e-coupons, and images of Goods and products, prices they can make purchases with a few clicks which ultimately servers the time and money which would generally take more time to shop in person in the traditional way. They use the various distribution channels, thus they reduce the cost of physical storage space.

If anybody wants to learn or do e-marketing then that person should be efficient and should follow the behavior of the online customers, techniques, prices, and advantages of e-marketing over traditional marketing. He/she must know all the legal issues of e-marketing as well as pitfalls. E-marketing techniques can be divided into Pull and Push marketing.

Pull marketing is a technique through which an online customer’s requests for specific information on the internet. For ex: – e-coupons, products/service advertising.

pull vs push marketing

Push marketing is a process which is used by the e-marketers to send new product/service information to their existing customers. For ex: – Airline companies provide emails periodically regarding their e-fares and promotional packages related to vacations.

Advantages of E-marketing:-

E-marketing offers more competitive prices as compared to traditional marketing. One more advantage of e-marketing is that as the internet is available 24*7, the shoppers can place orders at any time so they are not dependant on whether the shop is open/close.

In e-marketing, you will get all kinds of products such as shoes, clothes, computers etc.

Disadvantages/pitfalls /legal issues:-

If the cost of distribution, storing or shipping is higher than the cost of the goods then such an enterprise may have a short life.

The e-marketers may also know about the cultural pitfalls.

They should protect the customer’s privacy, without customers’ permission they are not allowed to share customers’ information with anyone else.

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