It is a most popular CMS’s in the world. i.e. it is a Content Management System for publishing Web Contents. It is an Open-Source and free software. Its volunteers and developers have made it popular because it is user-friendly, accessible, multilingual, responsive, search engine optimized etc.

Let’s see what is Content Management System?
It is a web-based application which allows the users to manage the contents of a website. The contents can be data or information about a website or intranet application. These contents can be managed by creating, editing, archiving, publishing, collaborating on, distributing website content etc. Thus Joomla helps in developing millions of websites all over the world.

Following are the various uses of Joomla:
1. You can use Joomla for developing websites which can be corporate websites or small business websites or personal websites.
2. For various publications or online newspapers, you can use Joomla.
3. You can use it for developing community-based websites also.

Let’s see how a Joomla software helps the developers:
If you are a website developer then Joomla is a very useful tool for you. As it is easy to install as well as easy to set up. Even if you are not an advanced developer then also you can learn it in a very short period of time and then you can also help your customer’s by developing their websites within a short period of time. You can also help your customer’s by instructing them in managing their own website on their own. As a developer, you can take advantage of complex add-ons provided by Joomla in creating a website which requires to go beyond the limits of the Joomla core package.

The framework of Joomla can be used for building various systems and tools like :

As Joomla is an Open-Source application you can use and support it. With Joomla, anyone can create and manage their websites: from beginners who want to set up their first website to the IT professionals who are managing large websites.

If you want to develop a website then Joomla will provide you with various resources like: –

  • Joomla API components
  • Plugins, Modules
  • Templates
  • Databases forms
  • Security.

Joomla has introduced a new feature called as Let’s see what it is? – It is a feature which can be used to see your Joomla website in action that too without downloading and setting it up. It gives you an opportunity to have a functional website up and running in a few minutes.

For this you need to follow below steps:
1. Visit
2. Select your website name
3. Choose your location
4. Add a frontend template
5. Click launch
It is as simple as that.

The advantages of using Joomla:
1. With very little knowledge of HTML, in fact,t the customer won’t need to learn HTML at all they will still be able to update content on their website.
2. Joomla is very easy for the clients to update their websites themselves after the sell.
3. Joomla offers very useful tools that make the life of developers much easier. This allows the developers to do their jobs lot faster.

Let’s discuss what do you need for Joomla?

  • You will need a good browser like Firefox or Chrome.
  • A good text editor like Notepad++ or sublime text.
  • Apache & PHP software like XAMPP
  • The Joomla installation file

Joomla offers a great chance for growing your business with the help of its core features like :
1. SEO, Forever Free, Extendable, can manage menus and cache.
2. It offers great design features like assigning templates to a specific page or using frameworks for templates.
3. It makes the process of editing and publishing easy using various tools and buttons for publishing and editing, managing media, managing articles.
4. URL’s can be redirected easily. You can use different types of field types for adding in your articles, you can manage messages, you can add banners and ads on your website.
5. You can allow registration and also give access to your website visitors for various resources.
6. Joomla professionals provide you all kinds of help for building and maintaining your website.
7. If you want to incorporate microdata in your website you can do that using Joomla core features.
8. The volunteer’s of Joomla community has believed that the Joomla should be available free to everybody.
9. Joomla is supported by many volunteers who provide all the solutions.
10. You can change webmasters without having to build your site again.


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