In this article, we will just kind of introduce what is PHP? and I am just going to give you information about what is PHP and why you need to learn it? and what it can be used for?

So let’s see what is PHP?

PHP is a server-side scripting language, it means that PHP scripts are executed on the web server and not on the web browser. So if you have client-side scripting language like JavaScript that will actually execute on the browser. So it is not very dynamic and not very usable.

When it comes to the things around server as PHP is server-side and you can integrate PHP with MySQL databases which are quite interesting, so PHP is used in web development. Because it can be used for creating dynamic pages. All the pages that you see nowadays like Facebook, they all use PHP for creating websites.

Thus PHP is a multiplatform, server-side scripting language so it is very easy to understand and very useful. So let’s look at the different requirements :

-The only thing that you need is a server or computer with PHP installed and text editing application. If anyone is not computer savvy then that may sound scary but i.e. you will either need a web hosting accounts, you can get those from any hosting provider, that you want to buy or you can host your website on your own computer.

So if you want to use PHP on your computer then let’s see what would be helpful for PHP :

  • Understanding of HTML
  • Understanding of programming concepts
  • Understanding of how a web server works
  • Time and patience.

If you have experience of an understanding of any programming concepts then it will be quiet easy for you to learn it and understand it because otherwise it is going to take time and it will require patience for learning functions and features of PHP and you will also start enjoying the process of learning this language.

Because once you start learning this language and when you will start getting into tutorials and you start creating your own ideas, start becoming creative and start applying the new ideas, then you can use it for community projects i.e. for making guest books, for making forums etc.

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