A decade ago, web designing and development was not easy. The most common language used for designing a website was HTML. i.e. Hypertext Markup Language. It was not very easy, the developer has to remember all the tags. It was also time consuming. The owner of the website were totally dependent on the web developer because wherever any problem used to occur on the website, the owner’s were not able to resolve it. They needed the help of the developer. So there was a major problem of downtime of the website.

In 2003 WordPress was invented. Different people have a different concept about WordPress. Initially, WordPress was used only for blogging or posting journals or posting favorite photos or links to favorite websites. But now a day’s major websites are developed using WordPress.

WordPress has gained huge market. why? Because WordPress is not designed only for developing blogging sites but its use is far more than that. The most important thing about WordPress is that it is an Open Source program or we can say that it is an open source web publishing tool for developing websites in which codes are already written and the developer needs to use it as free or by paying for it.

The community of WordPress is huge as it is an Open Source program. It is free to install and anybody can make any changes in the code. If someone is stuck at a point while developing the website then he/she can take help of experts from the WordPress community.

It has ton’s of Themes and Plug-ins which can be used for website development. You can use PHP or MySQL. It is also a type of CMS i.e. Content Management System.

Content Management System is used when you don’t want to start developing the website from scratch using HTML. CMS provided all the tools to manage content which are ready for any website. Thus Word Press is the best example of CMS.

Suppose you want to add Admin information in the website i.e. only administration level person will have all the access of add, modify and delete any file of your website. Features like this can be added easily to your website using WordPress.

There are many websites who require to create and manage large databases because they may be getting a large number of visitor’s. In this case, WordPress is very useful. Therefore WordPress can be used for creating databases.

One more important application provided by WordPress is Quick install. Using this feature WordPress can be installed with just a few clicks.

Another important feature of using WordPress is that the owner has a complete control over his/her website. They are no more dependent on the web developers as the owners can resolve the issues on their own.

when you want to post any blog and you want to change any setting or theme you that do it very easily.

There is a number of Themes which you can install or modify as per your requirement. Similarly, if your website is a general website and wants to add pages then you can add, modify, publish or delete the pages. You can use tags option with your actual or main content so that the visitors will know about the subject of your blog post or website.

If you want to create Photo Gallery in a website then you can use NextGen gallery plugin of WordPress.

Suppose you if you want to create a small directory then you can use Link Directory Plugin. Similarly, if you use PressForum then it will allow you to create a threaded discussion forum.

WordPress blogs or websites can be hosted on our own servers or you can opt for hosting provided by various hosting companies. If one opts for hosting the website or blog from their own server then one has to take care of both the maintenance of the server and the website, which will give a lot of stress because one has to look after each and every aspect of server management. If there is a disk failure or if the site runs out of space or CPU failure will increase the downtime of the website it will not be good for the business if it is a full flourished business. Also one has to manage the email accounts and databases etc. Also, you won’t be able to give complete attention towards your business. So it will better if you go for WordPress hosting.

wordpress hosting

There are various best WordPress hosting companies which can host your website or blog at cheap rates with additional services. This will minimize all other stress and you will be able to look after your business. The problem of maintenance of the server will be looked upon by their experts. Also, Their experts can provide 24/7*365 days Technical Support which will ultimately improve your business. All your email accounts will also be looked upon by them. Some hosting companies provide cheap domain name registration as well as efficient hosting.

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