In our previous article we have discussed that when one is just starting out with web development, they don’t really waste time learning JavaScript before jQuery, trying to get something done. Therefore it is recommended that one should learn the JavaScript language and one should always know how to create variables and basic four loops etc you should learn that and JavaScript before jumping to jQuery.

But if you are trying to get website up and running and if you are trying to use more modern UI approach with plugins like lightboxes for images and things like that then it is an important thing to try to jump to jQuery as soon as possible because most major websites are using jQuery in one or the other way and it makes things so much easier to deal with in a CSS browser where if you are just starting out and if you are trying to go to a JavaScript way then it will not be a bad idea, as there is no right or wrong answer.

If you go the traditional JavaScript way a newcomer may end up in a working on a plugin and finally they think they have reached it or maybe they are testing in chrome or on android or safari or Mozilla or IE, they come to know that JavaScript is not a cross-browser compliant , it is working in chrome but it is not working in this  or that browser. These are the cross-browser headaches which everyone refers to. So if somebody is just starting out then jQuery is going to save that bit of hassle when it comes while actually running a website.

Probably may be asking whether you want to be a JavaScript programmer and want to be writing a cutting-edge modern JavaScript then what is the better solution? In this case JavaScript is definitely the way to go because there are so many nuances and things in JavaScript language that are very unusual as compared to other programming languages which is the fact that the JavaScript can also be considered as a functional language as one where you are passing in the functions as arguments and there are things like Callbacks, prototype and inheritance and a lot of stuff that is going to be well over the head of the programmer who is just starting out.

So it really depends upon you i.e. where you really want to be i.e. do you want to be a full stack web developer that has experience in Django or Flask or Python etc. Then in that case jQuery will be the best option or even why not just learn “React”.

React is JSX and it is just like jQuery or raw JavaScript i.e. it is just a mix and match of HTML and JavaScript into this language which is called as JSX. It makes complex UI development easier. So learning raw JavaScript probably helped a little bit when it comes to something like React. But React is completely different than writing just raw JavaScript if you are using JSX.

Now if you do want to be like previously said a cutting-edge modern JavaScript web developer then and even understand how jQuery come to be its considered different module patterns and things like that for modular development in JavaScript. I think it is going to be hugely beneficial to concentrate on JavaScript more than everything else.

So JavaScript is considered the most important language right now! Unfortunately, if you lack a JavaScript experience you are kind of limited to what you can do with anything related to UI and UI is very important just important as a backend.

So JavaScript is extremely important language so ask yourself what you really want to be JavaScript expert or you just need to get a website up and working. If the latter is your goal then jQuery will be a way to go. It does not mean that don’t do JavaScript at all. jQuery with knowledge of JavaScript will help you pretty well.

So if somebody tells you that JavaScript is an easy language then they are making you a fool, because JavaScript can be very complicated and it has like said previously, nuances that other languages do not have.

If you want to summarize then there is no right or wrong. There are people who give their own opinions.


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