In this article, I am going to discuss why did you choose Zend framework over others? Why don’t you choose CakePHP, CodeIgniter, and there are so many more frameworks?

There 2 basic reasons why people choose the Zend framework? This is in 2007 when to go with Zend framework vs other frameworks out there. The first reason was a nerd technical reason. Let’s go back a couple of steps, why do people look for any web application framework whether the Zend or CakePHP or so on. People are looking for an MVC= Model View Controller based framework first and foremost. If you don’t know what MVC is you can look it up on the web. So that’s the number 1 thing.

The other thing that people look for is a flexibility in the framework and what do I mean by flexibility? I put this in the context with Zend framework. What I like about the Zend framework vs other frameworks out there and maybe they change from what we call back in 2007, but the thing that I like about the Zend framework was that it was very flexible.

It was modular. You did not have to use the entire framework to the advantage of it at all. So if I want to, I can just dive into some of the Zend libraries and use them and even single simple PHP pages.

Whereas in contrast about the other frameworks as well looking at the time they seem to be much more of an or nothing deal, you have to use the entire MVC structure or you can not really use the framework.

Zend gave us that flexibility and that framework and that was one of the main technical reasons why I decided to go with Zend vs. other frameworks.

The other big reason why I want to go with the Zend framework is that of who was backing the Zend framework and that was, of course, a Zend company and what’s significant about Zend is that Zend is the company behind PHP. They base manage PHP and their partner was IBM and other big companies. So you know that Zend puts out something it’s likely going to be the opted by the general community.

So back in 2007 when Zend was still embedder/ Zend framework was slowly rising and became predominant framework in the PHP community and now that seems to be the case.

So what’s the community around the technology? Why are you care about the viability of the community around a technology?

Whether be a web application framework or any piece of software comes out to a few things:

  1. You want to be sure about that, you want to invest time and efforts and you deploy up applications in a particular framework. Or you invest time in a particular software package. You want to make sure that this particular framework will continue to be developed over time.
  2. So I knew that was the Zend and the Zend community is that the Zend framework community will work to continue to evolve and be a polished and attitude and perfected more likely than any other frameworks.
  3. I am sure that the CakePHP and CodeIgniter have got strong communities from this is that you all who are going to look to the community so that you can ensure for the development of the platform of the framework that you happen to choose.
  4. The other reason I choose Zend framework over other frameworks is becuase I get a pragmatic reason as I felt that it would probably because the standard and because who is behind it and I felt that it would help in the development of the framework, help in more innovations, in the Zend framework vs others.
  5. Because of the stronger community so this besides having technological advantages we are getting the greatest and the latest more quickly. It’s also very good for you who as a developer as a PHP developer because you are more likely to have people looking for Zend and developers for Ex: – Again this has much less to do with the technical capabilities of the frameworks. It has much more to do with the fact that the Zend framework is backed by the Zend company which is essentially PHP.

Let me outline what can happen when the technologies no longer supported the downside.

Back in 2000 Microsoft dropped there original page based web application framework if we are going to call that ASP. Now whats called ASP classic= Active Server Pages.

And it was a capable technology people do a lot of good stuff of it, but Microsoft decided to shut that down and we are going to ASP.NET and ASP.NET is so different from classic ASP’s that many classic ASP people did not transition to ASP.NET because it was the totally different paradigm.

ASP.NET is much closer to the much more similar to the JSP= Java Server Pages. There was the classic ASP. So a lot of ASP people start to classic ASP they don’t want to jump over to ASP.NET and overtime they find themselves being left behind because there is no future to the development team.

Classic ASP it was a very complex web page technology, it’s now a very very limited and basically left out to hang out to drive.

So that’s what happens when you find yourself at a dead end technology, the world quickly goes by and you are left nowhere and so these people are a lot of interesting and moved over to PHP as it is a lot of easier to pick up an learn than ASP.NET.

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