Softaculous is integrated into DirectAdmin and can be installed into DirectAdmin in just minutes. Softaculous takes care of the complete lifecycle of the application from install to backup to update. It’s really easy to install Softaculous on DirectAdmin. Please follow the step-by-step process to install Softaculous on Directadmin.


Installing Softaculous on Directadmin:


Step 1 . Before starting the installation make sure ionCube Loaders are enabled.

Step 2 . Login into DirectAdmin with your root account via SSH.

Step 3 . Execute the following commands.


cd /usr/local/directadmin/plugins
wget -n
chmod 755 install_softaculous.php
/usr/local/bin/php -d open_basedir=/ -d safe_mode=0 -d disable_functions=”” /usr/local/directadmin/plugins/install_softaculous.php


The Installer will start showing the Installation Processes and when done will indicate the same.


Note: Scripts will be downloaded during this process. The Download Activity will also be shown on the screen.



Thats it the installation of Softaculous is completed!


How to Check Installation: 

Step 1 . Login to your Directadmin server.

Step 2 . Click on Softaculous Auto Installer link.

Step 3 . Find the Softaculous icon in Software Services.



The following screen will appear if the Softaculous is installed successfully.




Installing IonCube Loaders:

The Ioncube loaders will be enabled by Softaculous itself for CentOS but if you are using any other OS then please follow these three steps to enable Ioncube:

Step 1 . Download the required Ioncube file.

Step 2 . Rename the file to

Step 3 . Place the file in the following directory



Note : If you get the error Unable to execute your request please execute the following command :

root> chmod -R 0755 /usr/local/directadmin/plugins/softaculous



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