To Install Softaculous on ISPmanager

Install Softaculous on ISPmanager

Softaculous is the best solution for installing third party web-applications and scripts for cloud, virtual, or dedicated servers. ISPmanager 5 Lite is a flexible web hosting control panel with the perfect balance of functionality, usability and price. This article will show you how to install Softaculous on ISPmanager. If you are using ISPmanager 5.33+ then Softaculous should be enabled by default on your server. Please follow the steps. 

Step 1 : Before starting the installation make sure ionCube extension is installed and SSL support is enabled for the domain.

Step 2 : Log into your ISPmanager control panel.

Step 3 : Go to the Modules in Integration section.

Step 4 : Click Install button in softaculous tab.

Step 5 : Wait for Softaculous to be installed on your server.

Step 6 : The installer will start a message will be displayed asking you to confirm that Softaculous should be configured on the server.

Step 7 : Click Ok button 

Step 8 : Wait for the installation to finish.

Softaculous is now installed on your server and ready for use!

ISp System

You can access it from the External applications and go to Softaculous section of the panel’s left side menu.

See Following Screenshot : 


That’s it the installation of Softaculous is completed !

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