The movement of all types of businesses moving online in recent years has made web hosting very important in these years.  Online businesses – be it small or medium size, are trying to understand the web world. So, why is web hosting necessary for a company today? What does it do which benefits the company?

Web hosting is one of the important tasks for a company which is needed to be done considering a few parameters.  Hosting is the backbone of your website as it contains and holds your data securely. 

The importance of web hosting has increased as it provides the following factors:

  1. Technical Support
  2. Better SEO Ranking
  3. Control of data/content
  4. Website downtime
  5. Protection and Security of data

Technical Support:

Technical Support Team

Of course, we put 100% effort into securing our website, but sometimes, it doesn’t work. We may easily get stuck somewhere and at anytime. Therefore technical support for businesses to run smoothly is needed. This will only happen when 24/7 support is provided for the security of the website and to ensure that the problem is solved efficiently and on a timely basis.

Better SEO Ranking:


The ranking of your website plays a crucial role in search engines and drives traffic to your website.  Web host providers will help you perform better and improve the traffic to your website. With this upcoming generation, people don’t prefer to wait on a website to load for more than 5 seconds, SEO will help improve the speed and the traffic. Only a working website is not helpful in today’s day as small and medium-size businesses need rankings for their website which is beneficial for their business to run better. Therefore, it is crucial to keep up with a good impression of a working website.

Control of Data/Content:

Web host providers are the ones who control and manage your data for you. It helps in ensuring the vital data is never lost and is always protected for you. This is important as the security of data is most important and crucial.  Through web hosting, the data is secured and controlled in a timely manner for you. Therefore, better results are generated for you when the data is organized with better and faster access to the data. This makes your business perform better as the data is secured and managed.  

Website Downtime:

Website downtime causes a lot of loss for businesses to run smoothly. If a website goes down and doesn’t work properly, it can cause failure and loss to your business. This will affect the sales of your company and the customer will be forced to visit another website when even not needed. This in return will affect the overall image of your company. Therefore this important to generate leads and in return provide loyal customers for your business to build relationships with.

Protection and Security of data:

Web hosting comes with the protection and security of your data. Hosting data can protect the data for you on the servers. Viruses, malware, hackers can easily access your data and cause trouble to your website and loss of data. Through web hosting, the data is always secured as the data is backed up in servers and also provides server backups if in case something goes wrong with the data. Therefore a good website hosting will prevent access to your website and protect the website.

What Does Web Hosting Cost?

So you have decided upon getting a web hosting service from a genuine web hosting service provider. Here on you have to plan how to spend money on it.
The topic of pricing of web hosting is somewhat difficult, given the fact that there is a wide range of plans and choices available in the market. What amount you spend will rely upon what hosting supplier you choose, the sort of plan you decided, and the specifications you need to be included.

To start with, however, here are a few examples of Hosting alternatives you have :

  1. Shared Hosting: Web Hosting Shared with most customers
  2. Virtual Private Server: Server virtuality divided as separate servers
  3. Reseller Web Hosting: Become yourself as a Web Host to sell others.
  4. Dedicated Hosting: Entire Web Server is only for you.

Yes!, You Need Web Hosting

Web hosting provider reduces your headache of managing the security and control of your website particularly if your site is making you profit, then it is the best deal.

We can help you with all the above-mentioned services. Hostdens has trained the Technical support team accessible 24X7X365 who can take care of any inquiries you have about web hosting services. We can help you in choosing the best hosting plan & support you through getting your business online and not only to keep your website running but also to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently always in this new decade.

Vishwajit Kale

Vishwajit Kale blazed onto the digital marketing scene back in 2015 and is the digital marketing strategist of Hostdens, a company that aims to provide reliable web hosting solutions. Vishwajit is experienced in digital and content marketing along with SEO. He's fond of writing technology blogs, traveling and reading.