Today due to the evolution of the technology, we are able to use many things which help us in making our work easy and simple. If we think carefully, many of these things did not even exist in the old days.

The most important thing that is used today on a large scale is the Internet. Our lives without it will be hard as we require it for many purposes like we use it for checking the news, social media, and whether or sometimes for reading blogs and articles.

As we are discussing the Internet, then it is clear that we will access many websites. We also don’t know how they work and we like to visit only those websites which are working fine. If any website is down then we get frustrated. Now you must have been eager to know how those websites are up all the time. It is because these websites are monitored by a team of experts or we can say that a technical support team.

The technical support team is the one who works 24*7/365 days to keep a website working as well as they look after the working of the server. Basically, they are those people who host a website.

Let’s look at the history of the web hosting so that it will help you in clearing your point of view towards the web hosting and you will also come to know how the process of web hosting has evolved:

In earlier days workstations in simple words, we can say PC, were used for hosting a website. They were unmanageable and in the primary stage. As there were no better technologies for doing this job.

Today you don’t find a workstation. It has many disadvantages because everything was dependant on this workstation. When the workstation used to get unplugged, the site used to go down.

Because of these reasons, people started looking for more advanced technologies.

They found out a solution for it. They tried to put the workstations or PC in one room so that it will remain safe from any harmful incidences or due to its unmanageable size. Thus the evolution of data centers took place.

The data centers thus helped in overcoming these disadvantages. Due to the evolution of data centers, people started accomplishing the value of websites and datacenters. It helped in solving issues like redundancy, power-related issues, etc. They also started looking at security maintenance.

Data centers also had some disadvantages first is, an investment which is large at the same time cost is involved in power supply, time which are sometimes hard to manage.

Now because of these disadvantages of data centers, people again started to find out different ways like virtualization techniques, like virtual servers. It was a totally new technology. In this technique instead of investing in hardware they separated operating system and isolated it for better performance of hardware. It also required a great investment and hard work which was required to change.

Now the new virtualization technique has a problem that is they were fixed at only one location. Again to overcome this issue, they found a solution which is Cloud computing or cloud hosting.

It is innovative and extensible. It solved the problem of wastage of resources because it uses only that much resources which we use. It also solved the problem of having a physical server at one location as these servers can be on many different locations and you can access your data from anywhere.

It is possible to imitate a cloud server on another cloud server if something goes wrong everything will work fine. Cloud helped to go one level up than virtualization. It revolutionalized the thinking of people towards web hosting as well as servers. The server became more advanced and better, they fulfilled the needs of the user’s more perfectly.

Thus cloud hosting became cheaper and also it is very reliable for the customers. Now if we look back, we should appreciate what we have achieved till today. This shows that technology changes very fast.

Now a day cloud hosting has become more popular, and there will be best ways for the future. You may see that the price of cloud hosting may dropdown. In the future, we may get more advanced technologies than Cloud which will help us in utilizing the resources with more flexibility!

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