We all know that each computer or device on the network has a unique IP address. The IP address is an identifier for computer or devices like printers on a network.
In Webhosting that can be Reseller Web hosting or Shared web hosting or VPS Web hosting or Dedicated web hosting you come across these terms i.e. Shared IP address and Dedicated IP address.
Today we are going to discuss Shared and Dedicated IP addresses and which one is better.
Shared IP Address:
Shared IP Address means multiple Web sites are sharing the same IP address. i.e. if there are 10 websites on a server then they all share the same IP address.

Dedicated IP Address:
Dedicated IP Address is assigned to only one website i.e. there will be only one website on that IP address.
Each server comes with two IP addresses for your name servers that ways you will get for ex. Ns1.your domain.com or Ns2.your domain.com. Each one has a unique IP address.
The biggest benefit of Dedicated IP Address is you get Best Email Delivery and competitors cannot reverse query on the IP address to find other websites on your server. It is very important for those who are involved in marketing and wants a dedicated IP address for their high volume lining pages so that the competitors cannot reverse query on that IP and see your pages or other domain.
So privacy is important. On your WHM (Web Hosting Manager) you can see two web hosting domains on Primary Domain Server both are sharing same IP address. But if suppose you want to assign a dedicated IP address to the second domain then you can do that by selecting Dedicated IP option.

By default, you are sharing the primary IP. So if you are going to add another website then that website will also share this same IP address unless while creating a new account with dedicated IP, select option manually and select dedicated IP. Once dedicated IP is used it’s used. So one account can use default shared IP and a second account can use Dedicated IP address.

If you go to WHM IP address Usages and then if you select Show IP address usage, you can see one IP address is shared with two domains and other is spared. If you want to change the IP address you can change it. On WHM type change then select change site’s IP address option then select change option. For changing key diets select that option and change it. If you want, you can select a dedicated IP option for your website.

One more important thing to be considered here is that this IP address is also used by a name server so it is not 100% dedicated IP; Since you get two IP addresses by default. If you want more you can do that. Dedicated IP is mainly used for secure mail services for your website.

If you are a reseller on a server and if you have websites hosting and suppose one website starts malicious emails then it will penalize all the websites on the server. This is a big disadvantage of Shared IP. As you are hosting so many websites and if anyone website does something bad then the whole IP address is panelized. So when it comes to sending emails, it is better to use dedicated IP.
This is also important to have dedicated IP if you are a corporate reseller and in shared IP if someone does a reverse query on IP address then they are going to see the website.

You are giving your own IP address to your customers and you do not want to share it with anyone else so that is the main difference with email delivery. If someone tries to do a reverse query on IP lookup then they can get to see your same data because the IP address is shared. Also by doing a reverse query on your IP they can see your key diets and can see both websites hosted on same IP address. It will affect you. If you are a marketer, then it will be a problem for you and if you want to block this then you can do that by using CloudFlare which acts as a reverse proxy and it will mask your IP address and will show their IP address and not your IP address on the server that’s the difference.

If you have important clients and if they rely on email then we suggest you get at least one dedicated IP.
If you are not getting VPS server then get one dedicated IP on shared hosting for email delivering purpose.

Hostdens is a Best Web Hosting company which offers reseller hosting at a cheap price. If you want to change the IP address of the website then we would like you to take a precaution that doesn’t try to change your IP address during pick hours. Because it requires time to correlate with your new IP address and due to which the site appears offline while the changing the name server to propagate to DNS i.e. when you do changes with your IP address then you need to give a couple of hours to every DNS to correlate with your IP address. If you do these changes at your pick hours of business then it will affect your business.

Also whenever you want to change your IP address, you need to give reasons why you need more accounts or dedicated IP address?

Vishwajit Kale

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