In this article, we are going to answer the question – What is the difference between SEO and PPC?

SEO- is a short form for Search Engine Optimization and PPC- is a Short form for Pay Per Click advertising as in Google Adwords which is one of main pay per click advertising partners available.

So we are going to go with some of the differences here. These are the major things that are a lot of things that people jumble with each other and making sure that you understand the difference between the two.

So the question is Which one should we have been using for business and which one should we invest in first if we have to make a  decision between the two?

So the first thing of distinguishing between these two is the Free vs. Paid.

So SEO is somebody clicks on your listing in the search results, you don’t pay anything. However, in order to get your site to get show up in the search results, it’s probably going to take some work. You have to have a good site structure contents, lots of links, that does not happen naturally. So it’s free when somebody clicks on it. But there may be a lot of work and expenses goes into getting all the things in place and when it does rank organically.

A Pay Per Click, just like a name says, is a paid service. So you have to pay each times somebody clicks on the Ad. That can be great because you only pay when somebody clicks. You don’t when your ad is not showed up. But it is definitely a paid service, it will certainly cost you.

So the next difference is that SEO is slow to change. So you can do a lot of work, may publish content, links but your site may not see a significant jump in its search engine right away.

Whereas with PPC if we set up a campaign and it is approved by the Google which sometimes as quick as a couple of minutes or a few hours, we can start running that immediately. So whoever wants to push out a new product, a new service we want to bring some more clients into our business, we can give PPC up and running. Almost immediately and start seeing the results from that campaign.

So the next thing is what kind of influences on the performance of each of these different products. So SEO requires big 3 things that influence your site- how your site ranks- they are structure, content, and links.

Structure – So how well your code is written on your website if there is any laid out on search engine friendly technical aspects of it.

Next thing is Content: – If you have valuable content the visitors come to your site and find out that valuable content and the more the visitors find your content valuable, or Google in ranks your site in a certain.

The last thing is a Links: – The more the people link to your site, the more authoritative Google sees you and again better for your rank.

All of these things don’t matter at all for PPC advertising. The 3 main things that Google stats is Ad clicked to rate (CTR) so if you have higher clicked to rate it’s going to be more likely to show up.

How could the landing page to which the Ad takes you to how does it match the certain Ads, Does it have all the best practices involved in place and how much you are paying? These are the things CTR and landing page matter a most but if you are not paying enough it Is not going to show up. So the paid amount is also important.

The next thing is the Search engine optimization is very unpredictable. If we paid all the attention to the Panda, Humming Bird, new mobile updates for your site asking for responsive sites for seeing in the mobile search results, it’s always changing. Exactly how the different changes are going to impact a lot of websites Google is a pretty good framework but still, there are some more aspects to it which we do not completely know. So I want to say it’s not completely unpredictable but it is pretty unpredictable.

PPC, on the other  hand, is very predictable because we have a track from the Ad to the landing page, to the website to the content we are able to track all complete process from the beginning to end ad nowhere we are doing well and we are losing customers so it’s a very mapped based system. So you know how much we pay how many people clicked, how many calls we get? So PPC is a very predictable process.

The next thing is the SEO is cumulative and on the other hand, PPC is not. What is that mean? Well! Maybe each of your blog posts brings in customers to your website that may be enough work that you put in to constantly bring a flow or traffic. So you do the work once and you reap the benefits for a long time.

However, PPC, if you start paying your ads, start showing up. You don’t get any benefit from being on there for a long time. If you start paying for the ads your ads are showing up. However, because you start doing re-targeting as a part of a PPC advertising part one you build up a list of people you can market to. So it’s a little bit more cumulative because over the time not targeting less builds ups and so you are able to market some more and more people so there is a little bit of accumulation that happens when even marketing on the Google Adwords platform for a long time.

The last thing is that SEO is hard to split test. If you want to try something else you are not sure with should I do A or Should I do B? It takes a long time to figure out to which decision is the best.

PPC on the other side requires to practice to split test. So any good ad can be more full ads per ad group and knowing what you want can be the best. You only know that split testing. So running multiple ads running multiple campaigns seeing what you want provides the best results are the only way to get it performing PPC campaign going. So that the time of break down SEO vs PPC how if you had anyone you are investing I would start with PPC advertising and why do I say that? Well mainly because you can start immediately once you build up the campaign it starts getting some results coming in you to start seeing in sort of ads on which people are clicking on some keywords that are driving people to your ads or traffic then you were able to take those results and start to plan to move towards SEO campaign. So the keywords you think maybe converting customers may not be the keywords that actually bring the traffic or turning them into buying customers. So starting with PPC you can start very quickly is very predictable and you can start getting results right away and once you get a better idea of what you should be optimizing for then you can start working with SEO campaign and trying to rank for the organically to get more traffic.

So that the difference between SEO and PPC these are a lot more nuances between the two but I can see that it is a pretty good overview.

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Vishwajit Kale

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