Here we are going to talk about web hosting services and making money from this. So let’s see how does it work?

First of all, let me explain something while promoting web hosting services is a little bit difficult because people are not just looking out there are people that not just looking to start a web center. So it’s not going to work out if you are just placing ads on websites, on Facebook stuff like that. You know it can work or might not.

But sometimes it may not work in the way you imagined. That’s what it is different because promoting web hosting has a specific special process and that’s we are going to talk about in this blog.

So let’s see how web hosting is promoted. Just promote it when it’s necessary for ex: when I am in a course, teaching something to someone let’s say I am teaching how to develop a website. So I have to explain to them the link to the web hosting service, if they sign up I am going to make some commission.

You do it inside contacts, inside training. The second way is as a direct type of advertising. If you can use YouTube advertising and send people the video that teaches them how to start web hosting, this way I am targeting people who are actually interested to start a website. So it’s not about hosting, it’s about the website. So you can spend 45 minutes teaching people how to start website, the whole thing, the whole process step by step you can teach them how to sign up, how to start a website, install the website, how to choose different designs and stuff like that so you can put a link of a hosting which at the end of the video, so people can check that link and can sign up for the web hosting services. These are the 2 ways, let’s implement these 2 strategies.

There you can create videos which explain how to create a website on YouTube, teach them the whole process, whole steps. This is training and you can run some ads and make a commission when people purchase the hosting services. You can add the hosting link at the end of the video. So this was the example of advertising and stuff like that.

The second one is where you promote hosting inside a course. Talk about hosting services, how they are needed in the business, and then there is a link to the hosting service in the video.

So if you promote hosting and if you do it right you can promote a lot of different things with your hosting. First example – Let’s say someone started a website you can actually promote templates if they want to buy templates go to the website and you can have a free program to a template website.

So they can go to the website and they can buy a template. So you can use that template inside that training if they like a template thus you will start making commissions.

For the second example – in the same training or in other things you can promote courses about building website courses, courses about how to design beautiful website stuff like that. So you can do tons of different things so do not rely on just promoting only one thing. And do tons of different things at the same time when you promote a product.


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Vishwajit Kale

Vishwajit Kale blazed onto the digital marketing scene back in 2015 and is the digital marketing strategist of Hostdens, a company that aims to provide reliable web hosting solutions. Vishwajit is experienced in digital and content marketing along with SEO. He's fond of writing technology blogs, traveling and reading.