In 2003 WordPress is introduced in the market, since then it has become popular. About 33 % of websites on the internet powers by WordPress. It is very simple to use. you can even make your website in 15 minutes or in fact less. This is the best suitable web development platform for the newbie and the blogger.

10 features which make WordPress most popular CMS choice for website among others and help the platform maintain its reign on the web are:

1) Non-Coding WordPress

WordPress works on the drag and drop. It just eliminates the use of HTML, PHP, CSS, and other complicated services. It makes website building the easiest job. No coder needed to pay extra. Anyone can build their website and start to work on their own. You don’t need to learn any programming language.

2) Open Source

WP is an open-source platform which means its source code is available for modification or by anyone. It is worked and improved by thousands of people every day. People introduced new WP plugins and many attractive themes which are used by anyone.

3) Responsive WordPress

Responsive refers to the code that adjusts its functionality on any device such as a laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc. In a coding platform, we need to write extra code to make our website responsive but here we need to do nothing it automatically makes our WordPress website responsive so no extra work needs to be done.

4) Time-saving

The code requires enough time to develop whereas no-code tools work on drag and drop hence, saves a lot of time. You can easily develop your website or blog in 15 minutes or less.

5) WP Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO techniques help to grow your business by Bridging The gap between brands & end-users. People spend money on it to develop their business while WordPress makes it just a piece of cake by tags, keywords, and many trending WP SEO support plugins like:

  • SEO Ultimate
  • All-In-One-SEO-Pack
  • Platinum SEO Pack 
  • Yoast WordPress SEO

6) Easy To Use

WordPress made the web development part easiest for the user. Anyone who doesn’t even know about any of the computer languages can be built its website using the drag and drop feature by WordPress. It provides multiple web hosting options and easy setup. This technology is so simple to work with.

7) Attractive WordPress Theme

With thousands of WordPress themes and plugins, you can make your website much attractive. You can also customize and personalize themes according to your demand. You can give your website the look you want.

8) Tailored WP Blogs

WordPress is the best blogging solution leading past many years. The WordPress blogs are written in many languages. It is the best platform for newbie bloggers to start their blogging journey.

9) Best WP Themes and Plugins

Thousands of themes and plugins are available which increases its popularity. WordPress has plugins for almost everything. People created their themes or you can customize or personalize accordingly. Anti-spam filters, SEO tools, popup modules, and interactive image plugins are available online. Have deep customization offers.

10) Website Scalability

You can make changes to it with time. If your business grows you can make the change as per it. This platform easily adopts change as it is extremely scalable. You can have as many posts on your website as your performance is not going to be compromised.


Now, maybe you are a blogger and or knew nothing about WordPress, I’m sure that this will help you a lot.

For the readers, who want to dive with me in more interesting daily traits, I will be back with some more cool things.

See you in my next article. Take care!

Pooja Pande

Pooja Pande an IT eng. with 3 years of teaching experience switched to Content Writer. Her knack for knowledge is her driving force at creating proficient pieces that add value to the reader & provides them creative yet engaging content.