Have you ever thought about where does all the information that is found on the internet come from? The answer is simple – “Hosting”. Everything that we see on the internet, that can be text, images, audio or video, is hosted on the server which can be located somewhere in the world. These servers share all the important information that is required by the internet user. Everyone can access the required data from any place of the world. It would be great if the users come to know from where and how this particular piece of information comes and where it is stored. It will also help in while selecting the location of the servers for web hosting. In all, it will improve the speed and quality of the information sharing across the world.

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Most of the times people living in one country won’t get cheaper hosting packages than the hosting packages offered by the neighbouring countries. Thus many of the website owners choose to host their websites on the neighbouring countries servers.

Internet connection speeds are different in different countries. Therefore the location of the servers is important for web hosting as at the end it is a speed which will play an important role in the success of your website.

While hosting gaming websites, it is important to focus on the network quality. For hosting online games, you should select neighbouring countries server.

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If you are considering Search Engine Optimization as an important factor in hosting your website then the location of the server should be close or near because it will be helpful in ranking your website. As the location of your server is important for Google. In this case, it is important to keep the server in the same country as it doesn’t matter in which city you are hosting your site for. If you are hosting your site for Canada then the location of your server should be in Canada.

The location of the server matters most in case of sharing the data. If there are less latency times or small delay times then the information will be shared fast.

Power is also an important factor while selecting the server location. Because if the server hosting your website is in an area where there are more power failures, then it will affect the working of the server and also your business.

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One should also keep in mind that the location of the server should not be in areas which are prone to the natural calamities.

Businesses select web hosting service as per their convenience. Some give importance to Content Delivery Networks which creates proxy servers using physical data centres. This helps the businesses in improving their performance by accessing the nearest servers even if the actual business is far away.

The location of the server also affects the load times of the website. If your web servers are close then the load times will be faster therefore many businesses take help of CDNs using which it is possible to have access to the servers in many areas. Thus they can serve many users at a time. If the loading times are faster then there will be faster conversion rates, you can convert many of your visitor’s into customers.

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