Hello, today  we are going to see how we can take the backup of the data which is available on the server using Acronis Server Backup Solution

Let’s start with the worlds leading backup solution providerAcronis“. It provides backup software like “Acronis True Image” which uses full-system image backup technology (including OS files too).

Acronis data backup provider takes backups, which can be used in disaster recovery, and file sync and share for a set of cloud applications.

Without taking much time we will jump to

“how to install the Acronis agent on Ubuntu Linux distro”

Part -I

Installing  Acronis on the ubuntu server.

1. SSH to the server.

2. First thing you need to do is to make sure that the server is having all the updated patches installed on it.  You can also doing this by running below command as a root user.


apt-get update


3. Once the update gets completed give a reboot then proceed further. (i recommend to reboot, if not then no worries you can still proceed with installation)

To install the acronis backup we need to install the essential rpm, so execute the below one to do so.


apt install build-essential rpm


4. After this we need to download the binaries on the server, and need to make it executable.




chmod +x Backup_Agent_for_Linux_x86_64.bin


5. Now we are ready to  install the kernel level modules which required while installing the Acronis agent on the server to get those modules install run below


apt-get -y install rpm gcc make curl wget linux-headers-$(uname -r)


6. To install the Agent run this in ssh console.




Now Acronis will show the welcome wizard then click on Next and then select Acronis Backup Agent for Linux. Wait for few moments.

Once it completed it will ask Management server (IP/Name): <enter the management server IP which you get from the Acronis server backup service provider> 

Then select “Register under the following account” option and enter the details which you have got from the Acronis backup service provider. Enter Login:  and then Password: Then click on Next.

Once you will see your installation is complete. then click on Exit to exit from the installation wizard.

7. Now login into the Acronis web interface with the details which you enter in the above steps.

Click on Devices and check if your new Ubuntu server added in the Acronis server Backup Console.

8. The last part is to set up a backup plan. You can create the backup plan as per your requirement and retention point. If you have a server with 50GB disk then I would suggest you purchase the Acronis backup product with 200 GB. So that we can set 3 retention point (Note: backup type will be incremental)

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Part -II

Configuring the Backup plan.

Login into the Acronis web interface.  And then Click On Backup and configure the plan as per your requirement.

While configuring the backup plan you need to mention What To Back Up, Items To Back Up Selection Methods, Where To Back Up, Schedule, Backup Schemes(Not For Cloud), How Long To Keep (Retention Point).

NOTE: Schedule the server backup time in the night time to flawlessly complete the backup task, as there is less visitor on your server.

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